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June 2015

MoodKit 3.0 Now Available!

We are very pleased to announce the release of our redesigned MoodKit app. This update retains all of the existing features from previous versions, but includes lots of design and user interface upgrades, along with some added functionality!

MoodKit 3.0 got a complete overhaul in design, allowing it to fully leverage Apple's latest iOS aesthetic and functionality advances, and to present beautifully on the latest Retina Display-ready devices. There are a lot of little changes that we’re sure you’ll enjoy as well.

Major Changes

You’ll find that Mood Tracker's Mood Chart now displays two different symbols for data points: faintly colored dash marks and brightly colored dash marks. No more having to close the Mood Chart to view notes associated with each mood rating. Now, simply tap on the brightly colored dash marks on the Mood Chart to launch the associated mood note! If you have multiple mood ratings per day of the same mood rating (e.g., two "6" ratings on a given day, as seen in the graphic below), tapping on that data point will call up multiple mood notes to choose from based on their time stamps!

For added convenience, MoodKit's security PIN has been upgraded with optional Touch ID functionality. Now simply activate Touch ID on enabled devices and use it for quick authentication upon each app launch!


Other MoodKit 3.0 Updates:

• New app icon! (first time since 2011 launch)
• Increased font sizes for better legibility.
• Automated prompt to record Thought Checker sessions upon completion.
• Direct access to online resources.
• Updated Facebook integration

How is MoodKit working for you?

Do you want to share your story of how you are putting MoodKit to good use? Write to us; we’d love to hear from you!