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July 2017

Moodnotes Now Available in Spanish! Moodnotes Ahora Disponible en Español!

Thriveport and Ustwo announce the new release of Moodnotes 2.3, an update to their smartphone application that helps users capture their moods and improve their thinking habits through an innovative approach to journaling. For the first time ever, the app is available in both English and Spanish. The users’ phone language settings automatically determine whether Moodnotes' content appears in English or in Spanish.

The translation to Spanish was led by Thriveport's psychologists with the expert assistance of Dr. Ilda Aharonian, a bilingual clinical psychologist with extensive translation expertise. The content was subsequently back-translated by another bilingual clinical psychologist, Dr. Teresa Celada-Dalton. Finally, the translation was reviewed by Spanish-speaking developers at Ustwo to ensure the right balance between Moodnotes' conversational tone and the accurate representation of psychological principles and concepts from a professional mental health perspective.

Download or update to Moodnotes 2.3 now!
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