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February 2016

Moodnotes now includes an "Insights Dashboard"

Photo Feb 12, 11 25 01 AM
We're excited to announce a great enhancement to Moodnotes: Version 1.2 of the app introduces an "Insights" tab that provides a beautiful at-a-glance dashboard of your journaling activity.

Moodnotes' first iteration of the Insights feature displays four categories of information:

  1. Your total number of mood/journal entries.
  2. The number of journal entries that are "Enriched" entries (i.e., positive mood related).
  3. The number of consecutive days that you've made an entry (i.e., your current "Streak").
  4. The most common thinking traps connected to your negative moods.

We believe this feature brings the feedback provided by Moodnotes to a whole new level. Moodnotes has always helped users to stop and think about their moods and what might be causing them. Now, the Insights feature allows users to quickly gauge what portion of their total entries are geared toward maintaining or promoting positive mood and to better identify which thinking traps they are most prone to, while encouraging them to maintain a daily habit of "checking in" with their mood in order to feel and function at their best.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!