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August 2018

MoodKit Now Among Exclusive Group of Mental Health Apps Supported by Research

A randomized controlled trial conducted by David Bakker and colleagues in Australia compared MoodKit and two other CBT-based mental health apps (viz., MoodPrism & MoodMission) with a no-app control group in a large (n=226) community sample. Compared to the control group, participants who used MoodKit, MoodMission, or MoodPrism over the course of 30 days experienced significant increases in mental well-being while users of MoodKit and MoodMission experienced significant decreases in depression. The benefits of MoodKit (and the two other CBT apps included in the study) appeared to result, at least in part, from improving users' confidence in their coping abilities. The study appears in the journal Behaviour Research & Therapy

As the developers of MoodKit, Thriveport is very encouraged that the results of this methodologically-sound study support its efficacy in enhancing well-being and improving depressive symptoms and are eager to see if results from other research trials currently underway provide additional evidence for MoodKit's benefits.

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